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English-Hindi > conceiver

conceiver meaning in Hindi

conceiver sentence in Hindi
1.He was definitely the heavy lifter-- the conceiver of the ideas.

2.Maha [ ci Gautam was one of the most ancient conceiver of a Dharmasktra.

3.Adam Czartoryski in the early 19th century was one of the conceivers of Yugoslavia.

4.By November, the conceiver was ready to incubate the phrase in a speech subtitle.

5.A steam yacht docked near the hotel was a unique idea of the hotel's conceivers.

6.Combining these two statements helped the conceivers of the Aphelion software product to pick the name Aphelion.

7.Through our use of language, Percy maintained, we become " co-conceivers and co-celebrants " of the world.

8."I feel terrific about it, " said Harold Prince, billed as the show's director and co-conceiver.

9.Objects, images and sounds, or-as they say in one word-" signs " meant to brainstorm first the conceivers and then the spectators.

10."Obviously many people wonder whether the mission can be accomplished and can do what it is the conceivers of the mission think they can accomplish, " he said.

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someone who creates new things
Synonyms: originator, mastermind,

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