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English-Hindi > congruence

congruence meaning in Hindi

congruence sentence in Hindi
1.Congruence (geometry)

2.Congruence (geometry)

3.He proceeded to avail of what he has known since remote antiquity , namely , that like begets like , but the likeness of offspring to parents is not as absolute as congruence or identity .
वह यह जानता था कि पैदा होने वाले बच्चे अपने मां-बाप के समान होते हैं , जैसा सजीव वैसा शिशु , परंतु संतानों में दिखाई देने वाली यह समानता सर्वांगसमता अथवा एकरूपता नहीं होती .

the quality of agreeing; being suitable and appropriate
Synonyms: congruity, congruousness,

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