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English-Hindi > contagion

contagion meaning in Hindi

noun plural: contagions   
contagion sentence in Hindi
• उड़नी बीमारी
• छूत से रोग का फैलना
• संक्रामक रोग
• स्पर्श संचार
• छूत
• लगाव
• संक्रमण
• संसर्ग
1.Then there is the global contagion .
फिर , विश्व स्तर का संक्रमण भी जैसे फैल रहा है .

the communication of an attitude or emotional state among a number of people; "a contagion of mirth"; "the infection of his enthusiasm for poetry"
Synonyms: infection,

an incident in which an infectious disease is transmitted
Synonyms: infection, transmission,

any disease easily transmitted by contact
Synonyms: contagious disease,

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