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contrive sentence in Hindi

"contrive" meaning in Hindi
  • It sounds contrived, but the first episode is pretty clever.
  • Angela's isolation is the most contrived of many coincidences.
  • Hanson, by contrast, is a much more contrived package.
  • Regrettably, some are contrived _ like multigrain and seed biscotti.
  • African history does not owe its legitimacy to a contrived injustice.
  • Some critics consider her sound and performance style contrived at best.
  • The whole thing fit together too nicely, almost too contrived.
  • It was contrived so she could get her project done faster.
  • The moral dilemma it strains to create also seems hopelessly contrived.
  • They are both meticulously contrived environments for the selling of objects.
  • What isn't contrived or calculating isn't Holtz.
  • There was a good reason for this contrived sense of purpose.
  • The arguments on his behalf were so contrived, so implausible.
  • Its private data are often contrived, " he said.
  • There's not a contrived note or lyric on it.
  • "To me that's too contrived,"
  • "But it wasn't a particularly contrived plan.
  • When you think about it, it's almost contrived.
  • But it is all contrived, very carefully cued and worded.
  • Nothing was contrived about Ginger, but I just moved on.
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