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English-Hindi > coo

coo meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: cooed   verb past participle: cooed   noun plural: coos   verb present participle: cooing   
coo sentence in Hindi
1.To some degree the “ world 's largest integrated software complex ” -formally inaugurated by Nortel Networks Chief Operating Officer -LRB- COO -RRB- Clarence Chandran on October 31-is glass and chrome , thanks to the Greek philosopher-scientists who fathered mathematics .
' ' विश्व का सबसे बड़ एकीकृत सॉटवेयर परिसर ' ' , जिसका नोर्टल नेटवक्र्स के चीफ ऑपरेटिंग ऑफिसर ( सीओओ ) ने 31 अक्तूबर को उद्घाटन किया था , कुछ हद तक कांच और क्रोम है.इसका श्रेय गणित को जन्म देने वाले यूनानी दार्शनिक-वैज्ञानिकों को है .

the sound made by a pigeon

cry softly, as of pigeons

speak softly or lovingly; "The mother who held her baby was cooing softly"

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