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cooing sentence in Hindi

"cooing" meaning in Hindicooing in a sentence
  • There was no more cooing after every syllable of Tuna Talk.
  • Lisa said, scratching under Aibo's chin and cooing.
  • Several show the president cooing over his baby nephew, Tyler.
  • They are known for their pleasant soft, staccato cooing calls.
  • Their call is a series of soft, staccato cooing notes.
  • When tapped they make their trademark " cooing " and multiply.
  • The pampered pigeons are cooing in the tops of the citadels.
  • I heard the birds thumping inside their coop, cooing and fluttering.
  • They were billing and cooing like a couple of teen-agers,
  • When Mr . Benson is in town, he does the cooing.
  • Village gossip and a baby's cooing are examples.
  • Instead of just cooing at babies, he now picks them up.
  • Pigeon language, after all, is billing and cooing and squawking.
  • She switched legs, cooing, " Oh, look!
  • Her sound has been likened to the cooing of doves.
  • He flies down and lights on the shepherdess'finger, cooing.
  • They emit a cooing noise typical of most pigeon species.
  • Even cranky babies calm down when they hear Russian cooing, she said.
  • But he was not above cooing at LeRoi and Samuel son as well.
  • "By then they're sitting together, cuddling and cooing.
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