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English-Hindi > copyright office

copyright office meaning in Hindi

copyright office sentence in Hindi

• कॉपीराइट कार्यालय
• प्रतिलिप्यधिकार कार्यालय
• स्वत्वाधिकार कार्यालय
copyright    मुद्राधिकार
office    विभाग सेवा ऑफिस
1.The Copyright Office doesn't have a lot of leeway in its review.

2.According to the US Copyright Office, Harmony Gold is the Co-Copyright owner.

3.The Copyright Office is recommending to Congress that those laws be changed.

4.The head of the Copyright Office is called the Register of Copyrights.

5.With time running short, Tengen turned to the United States Copyright Office.

6.*Please see this law from the U . S . Copyright Office.

7.A copyright can be registered online at the US Copyright Office's website.

8.He first started working for the United States Copyright Office in 1907.

9.On October 28, 2012, the US Copyright Office updated their exemption policies.

10.In October 2003, Novell registered those copyrights with the US Copyright Office.

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