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English-Hindi > copywriter

copywriter meaning in Hindi

copywriter sentence in Hindi
• विज्ञापन लिखने वाला
1.The first word a young advertising copywriter learns is : free.

2.One reason is probably the youth of copywriters and media buyers.

3.And Luke Sullivan, crazy copywriter, yet to be neutered.

4.Thompson copywriters are creating radio commercials to accompany the print ads.

5.Early in her career, Weldon was a successful advertising copywriter.

6.In the 1980s, Bel�n became a professional copywriter and producer.

7.Copywriters are similar to technical writers and the careers may overlap.

8.In 1962, he started working in advertising as a copywriter.

9.Sean became a copywriter and now works at an ad agency.

10.I could read only,'copywriter holder has given '.

a person employed to write advertising or publicity copy

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