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English-Hindi > coquettishly

coquettishly meaning in Hindi

coquettishly sentence in Hindi
• हावभाव से
1.As she sang, they danced coquettishly in terry robes.

2.Big-bellied models pose coquettishly in a fashion magazine.

3.Her head is skewed coquettishly with a complicit facial appearance.

4.Goldberg asked coquettishly upon striding on stage.

5.The most ubiquitous trend on the streets is bra straps deliberately and coquettishly on display.

6.Lois laughs coquettishly, bats her eyelashes.

7.In the video, which plays simultaneously on five small screens, she looks coquettishly extraterrestrial.

8.When she tilts her head up that way _ raising her chin coquettishly _ Midler is irresistible.

9."Want one ? " she asks coquettishly, ready to get up and serve him.

10.Many of her photographs show her posed coquettishly in showgirl costume and lipstick, her hair a highlighted blonde.

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