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English-Hindi > corpulent

corpulent meaning in Hindi

corpulent sentence in Hindi
1.There have been rumors that the corpulent Asahara has been in poor health.

2.Shakespeare's Falstaff was a corpulent comic character.

3.Was he a mite _ how shall we put this ? _ corpulent?

4.A corpulent man soaks in a bathtub hypnotized by Truman's escapades.

5.Some men, at least, are attractively corpulent.

6.Here he's a stern, corpulent dandy.

7.The hammer kicks up huge divots in the infield like a corpulent golf ball.

8.The corpulent and inept William Howard Taft . The boorish and impatient Andrew Johnson.

9.It boiled down to this : women are fat; men are attractively corpulent.

10.At the bar, one of Roger's two friends was undeniably corpulent.

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excessively fat; "a weighty man"
Synonyms: obese, weighty, rotund,

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