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cougar sentence in Hindi

"cougar" meaning in Hindicougar in a sentence
  • The same could be said of the Cougars'football program.
  • The Cougars managed just 34 more the rest of the day.
  • The Cougars held opponents to 12.1 points per game.
  • Cougars, Cougars everywhere, and not a shot to drop.
  • Cougars, Cougars everywhere, and not a shot to drop.
  • One of the Cougars'victories was against Texas in Houston.
  • He was long gone from both the game and Cougar Stadium.
  • The Cougars paid for their arrogance with their Rose Bowl hopes.
  • Cougars and black bear call the narrow canyon home, too.
  • The Cougars lost twice more before forward Galen Robinson became eligible.
  • You just can't satisfy everybody with Sables and Cougars.
  • Nor are the Thunderbird and Cougar very profitable, analysts say.
  • But this week, everyone in the WAC loves those Cougars:
  • The Cougars'best opportunity came early in the fourth quarter.
  • But the Cougars hit the Frogs with long plays all afternoon.
  • It was the proper response to fend off a cougar attack.
  • The Cougars'biggest hope was for Alabama to beat Florida.
  • The Cougars are part of a hoops revival in South Carolina.
  • The Cougars weren't the only ones plagued by fumbles.
  • Washington recruits from a different vantage point than the Cougars do,
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