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cough out sentence in Hindi

"cough out" meaning in Hindi
  • If desired, I can cough out similar quick reference cards on request.
  • The young bird joins him but coughs out the whistle Pooch gave.
  • Brian coughs out a red hard candy and collapses, as Beth stares in horror.
  • But public buses, open dumps, unsupervised industries and aging cars continue to cough out contaminants.
  • The alternative to all this would of course be to cough out RM25 to Pos Malaysia.
  • As he takes a drink, he coughs out blood, meaning his condition is worsening with internal bleeding.
  • Yao Shi coughs out blood in anger&
  • Deep inside, Krycek sits atop the UFO and coughs out the black oil, which seeps into the ship.
  • "This is not a tactical ploy to cough out a lot more than what was already there " he said.
  • It also cost the company a lot of money as it had to cough out extra money to pay its contractors to clean up, he added.
  • Apart from such losses, he said, affected outdoor media owners will have to cough out an additional RM30, 000 to RM50, 000 to pull down each unipole.
  • Those who have been asked to cough out money to speed up approvals for their permits or licences should report to the ACA as soon as possible,
  • Finally, he coughs out some phlegm ", meaning phlegm, is translated as " a perfectly loathsome pill " by Giles . } } and makes her swallow it.
  • On the other hand, he really does seem to have tuberculosis  then a common disease  as at one point he coughs out some blood onto his handkerchief.
  • A last March report said that Telekom Malaysia recorded losses of more than RM36, 000 due to vandalism and had to cough out almost RM49, 000 to repair its property.
  • So Mikan, stay here . " Everyone is surprised at what Natsume says, but then Luna coughs out blood, so Natsume had no choice but to let Luna sit next to him.
  • So before Holloway's teammates could step away, Jenkins reached in and poked the ball free, taking off for a breakaway layup almost before Holloway could cough out the final syllables of his command.
  • They may even put the questionnaires through sophisticated machinery that can read handwriting, organize data and cough out on demand those who, based on previously determined criteria, most closely approximate the ideal juror for their side.
  • But it was a rare case _ the patient had severe bronchitis that caused him to cough out germs in copious quantities, and the design and humidity of the hospital were particularly conducive to spreading the virus.
  • Eddie, meanwhile, managed to cough out a 26-word farewell to Policy on a single piece of plain, white paper, which read as if it had been pulled from his mouth with pliers : " Carmen leaves our organization with my best personal wishes.
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