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cough reflex sentence in Hindi

"cough reflex" meaning in Hindicough reflex in a sentence
  • :: Finding a positive cough reflex is diagnostic in certain types of meningoceles.
  • Clove cigarettes contain eugenol, which numbs the throat and suppresses the cough reflex.
  • Stimulation of the larynx by ingested matter produces a strong cough reflex to protect the lungs.
  • Dextromethorphan hydrobromide is a generic drug that affects the signals in the brain that trigger the cough reflex.
  • Lozenges _ available at the door at many concerts _ can work wonders at dulling the cough reflex.
  • The bacterium that causes whooping cough, Bordetella pertussis, secretes a toxin that damages airway cells involved in the cough reflex.
  • This nerve is also responsible for the ear-cough reflex in which stimulation of the ear canal results in a person coughing.
  • As it is a natural protective reflex, suppressing the cough reflex might have damaging effects, especially if the cough is productive.
  • Cough reflex doesn't talk about it; and none of the other ones on the list of reflexes seem to be relevant.
  • The mucous membrane of the carina is the most sensitive area of the trachea and larynx for triggering a cough reflex.
  • Like blinking, there are likely both reflexive and voluntary components to coughing, and unconsciousness may hinder the clearing process without completely eliminate the cough reflex.
  • Physical stimulation of the external acoustic meatus innervated by the auricular nerve elicits a cough, much like the other cough reflexes associated with the vagus nerve.
  • If food or liquid does enter the trachea and contacts the vocal folds it causes a cough reflex to expel the matter in order to prevent pulmonary aspiration.
  • More formally, here is a handy PDF file discussing how to elicit the gag and cough reflexes, corneal reflexes, and so forth . talk ) 03 : 49, 5 June 2011 ( UTC)
  • The positive cough reflex would indicate that the meningocele is filled with cerebrospinal fluid which is continuous with the normal cerebrospinal fluid circulation . talk ) 12 : 32, 8 July 2008 ( UTC)
  • This increased colonization by pathogenic organisms, combined with the acute intoxicating effects of alcohol and the subsequent depression of the normally protective gag and cough reflexes, leads to more frequent and severe pneumonia's from gram-negative organisms.
  • Neurons that innervate the NTS mediate the gag reflex, the carotid sinus reflex, the aortic reflex, the cough reflex, the baroreceptor and chemoreceptor reflexes, several respiratory reflexes and reflexes within the gastrointestinal system regulating motility and secretion.
  • The cough reflex consists of three phases : an inhalation, a forced exhalation against a closed glottis, and a violent release of air from the lungs following opening of the glottis, usually accompanied by a distinctive sound.

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