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English-Hindi > crenated

crenated meaning in Hindi

crenated sentence in Hindi
1.Leaves are broadly ovate with serrulate-crenate and hairy margins.

2.Beta lipoprotein forms an irregular crenated band in this zone.

3.The elevated riblets are densely crenate and the interstices canaliculate.

4.The ends of the lobes may be simple or incised to crenate.

5.For example, the marginal florets are funnel-shaped with crenate margins.

6.Distal margins of the labial palps weakly crenate.

7.The leaves are deeply tripartite, forming 3 lobes which are toothed or crenated.

8.Leaf edges are somewhat wavy toothed ( crenate ), other leaves not toothed.

9."Lophospermum scandens " is a sprawling or climbing dentate or crenate ).

10.They tend to be alternate, simple, and deeply cut with crenate or jagged edges.

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having a margin with rounded scallops
Synonyms: crenate, scalloped,

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