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English-Hindi > crofter

crofter meaning in Hindi

crofter sentence in Hindi
1.It has been uninhabited since the landowner crofters away in 1851.

2.Membership of the trust was open to crofters within the estate.

3.He was also Chairman of the Crofters Commission 1963 to 1978.

4.Five crofters including MacPherson agreed to stand in a token trial.

5.As factor, Small provided for disbanded soldiers to become crofters.

6.Some of its duties had been transferred from the Crofters Commission.

7.In 1851 the occupants were crofters, stovers and bleachers.

8.The club are currently members of the and play at Crofters End.

9.The land raids by crofters in the early 20th century are mentioned.

10.The early Scots who arrived in the province were crofters and fishermen.

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an owner or tenant of a small farm in Great Britain

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