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English-Hindi > cross linking agent

cross linking agent meaning in Hindi

cross linking agent sentence in Hindi

• क्रॉस बंधक
• तिर्यक् बंधक
cross    संकट गुणा या धन का
cross linking    क्रॉस बंधन तियाक
linking    कड़ा कड़ी मशाल लड़ी
agent    बिचवई आढ़तिया
1.The result of experiments showed that when the proportion between collagen protein and chitosan was 9 : 1 , the amount of plasticizer and cross linking agent was 60 % and 20 % respectively , the properties of film could count to the requirements of using as medical wound dressing

2.The elasticity polyurethane joint sealing material is one kind of joint sealing materials for concrete pavement joint which can use at normal temperature . it will solidify by chemic - reaction when commix the polyurethane preploymer , cross link agent , filling , plasticizer and catalyzer

3.Separately , tma can be used as the cross linking agent to make the polyester resin and epoxy resin for the making of thermoset powder coatings , binding agent , and intermedium of dyestuff , medicine , and resin . moreover , tma can be used to make polyester imido coatings which care special insulated paints for motors

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