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English-Hindi > crystallographic

crystallographic meaning in Hindi

crystallographic sentence in Hindi
1.This method is valid only if the solid is crystallographic orientations.

2.The crystallographic restriction theorem can be formulated in terms of group.

3.The positive muons usually adopt interstitial sites of the crystallographic lattice.

4.Crystallographic studies have helped elucidate the apoenzyme structure of phosphopentose epimerase.

5.He has also been involved in crystallographic studies for crystal engineering.

6.A crystallographic laboratory needs to generate structures to renew grants,

7.Crystallographic defects also affect the tube's electrical properties.

8.Crystallographic defects strongly affect the tube's thermal properties.

9.This effect is due to crystallographic defects such as dislocations.

10.In 1952, Ewald was elected President of the American Crystallographic Association.

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