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English-Hindi > cubicle

cubicle meaning in Hindi

cubicle sentence in Hindi
• त्रिघातीय
• घन के समान
• घन संबंधी
• घन कक्ष
• घनाकार

• कक्षक
• कक्षिका
1.Strawberry sat a few cubicles away, taking in the atmosphere.

2.You can use the empty cubicle of former Cardinal Ronald Moore.

3.At first it was merely a windowless cubicle within his bedroom.

4.He was sitting in front of his locker-room cubicle.

5.The lowest levels merit counseling and a cubicle for three months.

6.Clipped on microphones as they moved from camera cubicle to cubicle.

7.Clipped on microphones as they moved from camera cubicle to cubicle.

8.She disappeared into a cubicle to commune with her desktop computer.

9.We'd need separate cubicles to block out the noise.

10.Sales soar . 1980s Economic boom brings heady times to cubicles.

small area set off by walls for special use
Synonyms: booth, stall, kiosk,

small individual study area in a library
Synonyms: carrel, carrell, stall,

small room in which a monk or nun lives
Synonyms: cell,

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