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English-Hindi > curmudgeon

curmudgeon meaning in Hindi

curmudgeon sentence in Hindi
1.Levinson is not the curmudgeon he may seem from these sentiments.

2.Clever curmudgeon 18 : 56, 9 June 2006 ( UTC)

3.So I don't worry about being a curmudgeon,"

4.When asked about government securities, he reverts to his curmudgeon mode.

5.Young Kids with Shoe Contracts vs . Old Curmudgeons with Canvas Sneakers.

6.Hoffman's no sideline-sitting curmudgeon, however.

7.Am I a curmudgeon'cause I don't care

8.Don't you hate it when the crotchety curmudgeons are right?

9.Even critics and curmudgeons like myself are feeling the excitement.

10.He is remembered as both a genius and a curmudgeon.

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a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas

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