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English-Hindi > cuttle

cuttle meaning in Hindi

cuttle sentence in Hindi
1.Cuttle's family is seeking dlrs 15 million in damages.

2.It feeds on crabs, cuttle fish and almost any other small fish.

3.In late 1809 Cuttle was again at Halifax.

4.The regenerated reef has attracted mobiel squid, cuttle fish, sea urchins and starfish.

5."' Captain Cuttle "'was a British Thoroughbred racehorse and sire.

6.Gates confessed to killing Cuttle and was sentenced at a court martial to life in prison.

7.Carol Mulloy Cuttle, who was killed Nov . 29, 1990, was a Massachusetts native.

8.Captain Cuttle was named after the character in Dickens'novel " Dombey and Son ".

9.Captain Cuttle belongs to the world of Uncle Toby, with, to be sure, a subordinate position.

10.In 1810 " Cuttle " was under the command of Lieutenant Michael Molloy, off North America.

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ten-armed oval-bodied cephalopod with narrow fins as long as the body and a large calcareous internal shell
Synonyms: cuttlefish,

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