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English-Hindi > czechoslovakians

czechoslovakians meaning in Hindi

czechoslovakians sentence in Hindi
1.During the war he served in the Czechoslovakian army in exile.

2.There, the Czechoslovakian team won gold in the team competition.

3.It was the first Czechoslovakian-designed helicopter to be produced.

4.Only four Czechoslovakians have won gold medals at the Paralympic Games.

5.Hojer represented Czechoslovakia at the Frantiaek was also a Czechoslovakian footballer.

6.This was a major blow to the Polish-Czechoslovakian negotiations.

7.Only the operation at Grottau, now Czechoslovakian, was fully booked

8.The terminus of the line ( ) stretched into Czechoslovakian territory.

9.Tins of cheap Czechoslovakian ammunition filled the corners of the cabin floor.

10.Besides his political work, Hor?ek engaged in Czechoslovakian exile activities.

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