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English-Hindi > dacoities

dacoities meaning in Hindi

dacoities sentence in Hindi
1.Last Friday they committed dacoity in a Narayanganj-bound bus.

2.In early 1908, Pulin organized the sensational Barrah Dacoity.

3.The two brothers were accused of robbery, dacoity, and murder.

4.One unit was stationed at Ghat Gate, Jaipur to combat dacoity.

5.Similar dacoities were organized on different occasions and in various parts of Calcutta.

6.Twelve of them were arrested while planning another dacoity in an abandoned factory.

7.In his last days, Uqaili suffered dacoity at his house in Thatta.

8.The Bhantu were traditionally a nomadic community involved with in dacoity and robbery.

9.Narasimha Reddy was charged with revolt, murder and dacoity and convicted on all charges.

10.This was the third incident of big dacoity in Barisal region during the last one month.

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