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dacrydium meaning in Hindi

dacrydium sentence in Hindi
1.The species was first described as " Dacrydium ustum"

2.The species was formerly known as " Dacrydium biforme ".

3.He said some of the most important trees in the area were Dacrydium becau, Gluta renghas and Leptospermum flavesceus.

4.The genus was first described by de Laubenfels in 1969, and is composed of species formerly classified in genus " Dacrydium ".

5.Usually, they breed only every 3 5 years when certain podocarp trees like rimu ( " Dacrydium cupressinum " ) mast abundantly.

6.The larvae are predatory, feeding on margarodid scale insects under the bark of trees such as " Dacrydium cupressinum " and beech.

7.It was first discovered in extracts from the New Zealand tree species " Dacrydium cupressinum " by researchers at the University of Otago.

8.It was first described by Ferdinand von Mueller in his 1881 work " Fragmenta Phytographiae Australiae " as " Dacrydium fitzgeraldii ", naming it after its collector, one R . Fitzgerald.

9.The northwestern part of the island has steep limestone cliffs covered by mixed forests that include " Shorea " trees, and stunted " Dacrydium novo-guineense " is present at the mountain tops.

10.The natural range of " Dacrydium " extends from New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands through Malesia ( New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines ), to Thailand and southern China.

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