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English-Hindi > daintiness

daintiness meaning in Hindi

daintiness sentence in Hindi
1.In fact the mud is far too dense for daintiness.

2.Exuberance vanished, and a coerced daintiness took its place.

3.There is a daintiness both of gesture and effect.

4.ASTER : Love, daintiness, elegance.

5.A white floral embossed fabric for coats and jackets is the only concession to daintiness.

6.The shovel's outsize bowl is adorned with cutouts that have the daintiness of paper doilies.

7.One is its daintiness, recognizable even by those who never expected to see any redeeming qualities in a worm.

8.She smiles, blushes, covers her mouth and casts her eyes downward, acting the perfect picture of Asian daintiness.

9.This is not 1952, when women were judged on the lightness of their cakes and the daintiness of their canapes.

10.Three or four repeats of this drill convinced the shivering teen-ager that daintiness was not an admired trait in soccer.

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the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance; "the daintiness of her touch"; "the fineness of her features"
Synonyms: delicacy, fineness,

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