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English-Hindi > dairy barn

dairy barn meaning in Hindi

dairy barn sentence in Hindi

डेरी कोठार
dairy    डेरी दुग्धशाला
barn    कोठार खलिहान
1.The Dairy Barn Arts Center operates a calendar for sculpting and exhibits.

2.It is hardly different from the familiar manure troughs in dairy barns.

3.They own a ranch with a century old farm house and dairy barn.

4.The barn was used as a dairy barn from 1924 through the 1940s.

5.It and the dairy barn provide space for programs, historical displays, and events.

6.It had originally served as a dairy barn for the Mission Hills farm.

7.Other surviving structures include the shop building and a dairy barn.

8.It is a typical banked dairy barn with stalls below and storage above.

9.I can't go to school at a place that has a dairy barn ."

10.The Main Dairy Barn Building 88 was classified in 1987.

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