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English-Hindi > daisy chain

daisy chain meaning in Hindi

daisy chain sentence in Hindi

डेजी श्रृंखला
daisy    डेज़ी डेसी का फूल
chain    पराधीनता बंधन
1.Other control options are master-slave ( daisy chain ) and DMX control.

2.Sometimes, groups of customers hold hands, making a daisy chain for the current.

3.Well, think of it as a sort of infinite daisy chain of imagining.

4.Giving and receiving fellatio may happen simultaneously in sex positions like daisy chain.

5.In 2008, Uptime Devices introduced the Daisy Chain Sensor?technology platform.

6.A daisy chain is a chain of plastic lures which have no hooks.

7.The 1110 also had'Extended Memory'cabinets accessible in a'daisy chain'arrangement to augment main storage.

8.Sometimes the concept of a " passthrough " can also involve daisy chain logic.

9.This daisy chain, as it is known, is a 103-year-old tradition at the school.

10.The Daisy Chain is available in France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Spain, and Italy.

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flower chain consisting of a string of daisies linked by their stems; worn by students on class day at some schools

(figurative) a series of associated things or people or experiences

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