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English-Hindi > daises

daises meaning in Hindi

daises sentence in Hindi
• चबूतरा
• चौतरा
• मंच
• मचान
• उठाव
1.His fellow finalists also deserve their places on the Heisman dais.

2.Vargas then knocked Thompson from the dais with a left hook.

3.Surrounding him on the dais were many lifelong friends and associates.

4.Finally, Hendra took to the dais to tell his story.

5.As the audience applauded, Davis sat impassively on the dais.

6.Vice President Dick Cheney also joined the president on the dais.

7.On the dais, his criticism of Vargas was more palatable.

8.Parks accused the Duvas of purposely leaving him off the dais.

9.They then descended from the dais and kissed their family members.

10.He shared the dais with West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya.

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