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English-Hindi > daisy wheel

daisy wheel meaning in Hindi

daisy wheel sentence in Hindi
डेज़ी चक्र
डेज़ी चक्र

डेजी चक्र
daisy    डेज़ी डेसी का फूल
wheel    घिरनी चक्कर चक्कर
1.The cheesy typewriters they make now use three daisy wheels a day.

2.Different typefaces and sizes can be used by replacing the daisy wheel.

3.My old well-made typewriter had one daisy wheel, which lasted 11 years.

4.Daisy wheel technology is now found only in some electronic typewriters.

5.Inkjet systems rapidly displaced dot matrix and daisy wheel printers from the market.

6.Even manual typewriters or daisy wheel printers could be used.

7.Daisy wheel printing was used in electronic typewriters, word processors and computers from 1972.

8.It supported many printers including those with Daisy wheels.

9.The " n " breaks off the daisy wheel.

10.I type a couple of sentences, and another $ 30 daisy wheel bites the dust.

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a wheel around which is a set of print characters that make a typing impression on paper
Synonyms: daisy print wheel,

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