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daks sentence in Hindi

"daks" meaning in Hindi
  • DAK has decided that prudence dictates the cessation of business operations.
  • From the beginning, Kaplan molded DAK in his own image.
  • Despite DAK's failure, Kaplan said he remains upbeat.
  • Later we are told that Dak has become an animal lover.
  • Dak Prescott was named the game MVP after throwing 4 touchdowns.
  • At the same time the PAVN attacked the Dak Pek Camp.
  • DAK's reorganization is going smoothly, he said.
  • They call their exhibition " Dak'Art Off ."
  • She has gone home to prevent her mother getting rid of Daks.
  • The newly built District Council Dak Bungalow was made the Command Headquarters.
  • As Dak soaks in everything, Sera is bored with the history.
  • Competition from retailers increased, compressing DAK's already low profit margins.
  • Ruth races the heartless hunter " Dak"
  • By 1968, U . S . Special Forces camps at Dak Seang.
  • The port side of the Dak was much more preferable than the starboard.
  • DAK Kopec has been very active in bringing Environmental Psychology to design feilds.
  • Meanwhile, Sera tells Dak about seeing the Cataclysm.
  • The siege of Dak Pek last until early May when the PAVN withdrew.
  • The PAVN simultaneously attacked the nearby Dak Seang Camp.
  • That helped DAK develop an uncommonly loyal customer following among so-called DAKonians.
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