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damaging sentence in Hindi

"damaging" meaning in Hindi
  • But to the Petersens, they're not damaged goods.
  • We didn't have to repair a lot of damage.
  • The hurt in his damaged knees that he still hobbles on.
  • Rebuilding damaged levees isn't always fiscally wise, either.
  • They used firebombs in several instances, causing heavy property damage.
  • A repeat performance would be politically damaging, as aides acknowledge.
  • Someone broke into a locked room and there was damage done.
  • What is America willing to do to repair the damage done?
  • The damage was modest but noticeable because of the stocks involved.
  • The countersuit does not specify damages, Ms . Hairston said.
  • The company sustained $ 30 million in damage and repair work.
  • By contrast, a strike could cause more damage to baseball.
  • Forget that some haven't returned to their damaged homes.
  • Proceeds go toward the repair of fire-damaged Windsor Castle.
  • The long-term damage to both may be even greater.
  • But there was no structural damage, just a good shaking.
  • Laser imaging of cataracts and retinal damage has been tested successfully.
  • Some analysts say avoid the stock until the damages are awarded.
  • A jury awarded Glovatorium $ 2.3 million in damages.
  • He has done most of his damage from the end position.
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