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English-Hindi > damaras

damaras meaning in Hindi

damaras sentence in Hindi
1.The property is still running a flock of over 12, 000 damaras.

2.As landholders and agriculturalists, the damaras were the most important of the occupational classes and their power could be considerable.

3.Melangata was sold in 2013 for 475, 000, the property was stocked with approximately 1, 500 damaras at the time.

4.Over the years, it has been tradition that after all the harvests were safely brought home, the " damaras " are demolished ( " ginigiba " ).

5.Though Bacchus intends into fight, Enter calls in Escape to fight the Sentai teams along with Avatars of Damaras and Basco Ta Jolokia to assist in the fight.

6.The Meecham family acquired the property in 1977 and switched from rearing merino sheep for wool to damara sheep for meat . the property has a flock of approximately 10, 000 damaras.

7.The major group of Damaras fled down towards the south, as far as the ?Garib ( Orange River ) and settled in that area, and installed Gaob ! Gariseb as their leader.

8.According to written accounts of the history of the Damaran which dates back to the leadership of the Damaras as far back as the 14th century ( 1390 ), substantiated by archaeological and ethnological evidence reflected to those records, the Damaran next to the Sn, are the first inhabitants of what is today known as Namibia.

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