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English-Hindi > damascene steel

damascene steel meaning in Hindi

damascene steel sentence in Hindi

डेमासी इस्पात
दमिश्की इस्पात
दश्मिकी इस्पात
damascene    दमिश्की दमिश्क
steel    तलवार दृढ़ता
1.They are also makers of exclusive and very expensive Damascene steel knives.

2.Anosov summed up his studies in his now classic treatise, " Damascene steels " ( 1841 ), which was immediately translated into German and French.

3.Anosov received international attention for his writings on the manufacture of iron and his re-discovery of the secret of Damascene steel, previously thought lost in the Middle Ages.

4.Toledo steel was famed for its very high quality alloy, whereas Damascene steel, a competitor from the Middle Ages on, was famed for a specific metal-working technique.

5.He tells the Voitanese that the secret of their famous " water steel " ( Damascene steel ) is a combination of the unique ore composition found in mines there and the techniques they used and predicts that they should be able to produce the best weapons-grade steel they have yet.

6.Voitan-Once the shining commercial and industrial center of the Hurtan region, known for its superior metal works and Damascene Steel, the city of Voitan found itself overwhelmed by the barbarian tribes of the Kranolta who had sacked the city and the surrounding city-states and occupied the region.

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