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dame school sentence in Hindi

"dame school" meaning in Hindi
  • Dunton's first known school was a Dame school which opened in 1836.
  • He and Lady Violet moved to Burwood House, now Notre Dame School.
  • The first Dame School held in the parish was held at'Honeys '.
  • Grants from the American Philosophical Society, a Notre-Dame school in Paris.
  • She was the wife of the village curate and ran a dame school.
  • Cobden attended a dame school and then Bowes Hall School in Teesdale, County Durham.
  • A "'Dame school "'was an early form of a private elementary school in English-speaking countries.
  • At this time, the class was made in a house near the present Notre-Dame School.
  • Yeshimebeth attended elementary and secondary education at Notre dame school in the town of Dire Dawa.
  • He went to a village dame school early in life, then to parish schools in Paston.
  • He was a carpenter's son and, after attending a dame school, followed his father into that trade.
  • It is headed by Notre Dame Schools.
  • In 1808 Lower Heyford had two dame schools, and by 1833 there were three more formal schools.
  • A dame school was opened in 1824, and by 1833 it had four boys and seven girls as pupils.
  • In addition to primary education, girls in dame schools might also learn sewing, embroidery, and other " graces ".
  • Unfortunately this never came to be, however St . Joseph's Orphanage, Notre Dame School made it on the register.
  • She has taught religion at the Notre Dame School, St . Raymond Academy, and the College of Mount Saint Vincent.
  • Manuscripts from that period have been found in Stary Scz, containing polyphonic compositions related to the Parisian Notre Dame School.
  • In 1847 the National School opened in what are now the premises of the Arts Centre, replacing earlier dame schools.
  • The school is based in an Edwardian building, formerly occupied by Clapham College, Raywood Street School and Notre Dame School.
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