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English-Hindi > damming

damming meaning in Hindi

damming sentence in Hindi

• अवरोधन
1.Lake McQueeney was created in 1925 by damming the Guadalupe River.

2.A reservoir is located southwest, damming up the Alfeios River.

3.It includes Bighorn Lake, a reservoir damming the Bighorn River.

4.The lake by the house was created by damming the stream.

5.The period saw sixfold increases in water use and river damming.

6.The interest of damming Putah Creek started around the early 1900s.

7.The reservoir was formed by the damming of the Eye Brook.

8.It is threatened by pollution, water abstraction and river damming.

9.Austin benefits from lakes created by the damming of the Colorado River.

10.Welfare reform is a sea change the establishment is intent on damming.

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