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damn all sentence in Hindi

"damn all" meaning in Hindidamn all in a sentence
  • Rebelling against the legislation, some environmental groups damn all salvage logging.
  • She was a powerful figure, but she did damn all for empowering women.
  • At first Charlie is dismissive, but then he decides that he has  damn all to lose.
  • Before him, Athanasius believed that violence was justified in weeding out heresies that could damn all future Christians.
  • :The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary says " bugger all, damn all, etc ., coarse slang [ meaning ] absolutely nothing ".
  • Damn all those who deny thee, even until death . " But once both departed from Gonzalo, they then rejoined the royal forces.
  • "Damn all the revisionists who ruin good stories, " said Walt Bodine, KCUR-FM talk-show host and dean of Kansas City broadcasters.
  • Yasser Arafat stands accused by Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, of having done " damn all " to fight terrorism in the Palestinian areas he controls.
  • At that, some of the Highlanders started forward for a counter-charge, but Sir Colin stopped them with a cry of " 93rd, damn all that eagerness !"
  • A diplomat in Honduras talks of a natural disaster of " catastrophic proportions, " about which the government, he says, is doing " damn all ."
  • Damn all eggs ! ", and ran out of his house, " never again to return to the bosom of his family "  this incident was never again referred to, however, and has since been considered as a minor continuity error.
  • The device boosted Dorothy's powers and brought back three of her old imaginary friends, Damn All, Darling-Come-Home, and Flying Robert ( nightmarish representations of her neglectful and abusive family ), whom she killed with an imaginary gun.
  • For years I was able to insert a TAB character in all text zones just by pressing the TAB key on my keyboard, but now for some reason it will not happen and instead move to the next control field ( damn all these automatic software updates . . . ).
  • On the other hand, he has a sense of humor : " Anybody who has read this far knows that when the temptation arises to offer global judgments, it is more serviceable to speak of the middle classes in the plural rather than to damn all bourgeoises as a virtually undifferentiated mass ."
  • In June 2002, FSN launched its biggest advertising and promotional blitz for the show with the " Best Damn All-Star Summer ", with superstar athletes and celebrities appearing on the show, along with a barrage on newspaper, billboard, and radio advertising to help garner more recognition just before the show's one-year anniversary.
  • At a time when even television sitcoms are cynical ( the just-ended " Roseanne " ), or urbane and edgy ( " Seinfeld " ), you would think an audience would be howling at pap like " This is the moment ! / Damn all the odds ! / This day, or never, / I'll sit forever / With the gods !, " sung to insipidly melodramatic music.
  • The profanity of " damn " and its derivatives ( e . g . " damned ", " damnation " ) is effectively limited to cases where the word is not used in its literal meaning, e . g . " The damned dog won't stop barking ! " ( but the line of Arthur Miller's character Proctor to his servant, " God damns all liars " uses the word in its literal sense and has not been seen as objectionable ).
  • She wrote " There are moments of boredom  indistinguishable balladry that's not so much torch-song drama as fluorescent-tube flash [ . . . ] " However, she concluded saying " yet Kylie loves this, she lives for it, and she damns all those svengalis with one twist of her knife-edge heels . " She had prospected that Minogue " will be back . " Baker viewed felt that Minogue's fans were loyal due to her " pop songs " which he exemplified " Better the Devil You Know " and " Dancing Queen ".
  • Unlike Tolstoy, though, who departed to the country looking for better working conditions, Fet stopped writing altogether . " He turned into an agronomist, a'landlord in desperation', let his beard grow, some improbable behind-the-ears curls as well, is unwilling to hear of literature and only damns all periodicals enthusiastically, " Turgenev informed Polonsky in a May 1861 letter . " Once I was a poor man, a regimental adjutant, now, thank God, I am an Oryol, Kursk and Voronezh landowner, and live in a beautiful manor with a park.
  • John R . Bradley, a writer on Middle Eastern affairs, comments in " The Straits Times " that the book " makes a convincing case that Al-Husseini even had knowledge of and encouraged the Final Solution and should have been tried as a war criminal at Nuremberg . " However, the second half of the book is " an absurd and self-contradictory effort " that is " undermined still more by truly shoddy scholarship . " He suggests that the authors'motivation is " to link all criticism of Israel to anti-Semitism, and so implicitly damn all criticism of Zionism as effectively offering support for Al-Qaeda and its affiliates " and concludes that " Icon of Evil " is " most useful as an example of how history is distorted by those who use it only to promote a crude ideological agenda ."

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