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damnable sentence in Hindi

"damnable" meaning in Hindi  
  • Their damnable lives made it so easy to praise their deaths.
  • Too bad that damnable Jack Parker kept winning all those hockey games.
  • Right, no pressures or damnable cost of living here.
  • The Historie of the Damnable Life and Deserved Death of Doctor John Faustus.
  • "Damnable, " said Kerry _ legal, and damnable.
  • "Damnable, " said Kerry _ legal, and damnable.
  • The damnable penuriousness of Jeremy Jacobs prevented that from ever happening in Boston.
  • Yet who did they label the most damnable White House liar of all?
  • It is damnable that he dies a criminal owing to these totalitarian regulations.
  • Neither divine nor damnable, Osborne's friends call him a moderate man.
  • Here's one other damnable stock knock:
  • You hit the damnable dimpled spheroid ( ball ) as hard as you can.
  • Will failure to serve become a damnable offense?
  • Now if I only knew what those damnable Whitewater prosecutors were up to . ..
  • No one has recoiled at those two syllables before drowning her in their damnable pity.
  • If true, the offenses are damnable.
  • And this is a damnable doctrine ."
  • Asquith called County Tyrone  the most damnable creation of the perverted ingenuity of man.
  • I think it's damnable.
  • Why not kick the damnable blades right in their chlorophyll on your way out, Greg?
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