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English-Hindi > damn all

damn all meaning in Hindi

damn all sentence in Hindi
किसी काम का नहीं
damn    गाली तुच्छ
all    तमाम सर्वस्व
1.Rebelling against the legislation, some environmental groups damn all salvage logging.

2.She was a powerful figure, but she did damn all for empowering women.

3.At first Charlie is dismissive, but then he decides that he has  damn all to lose.

4.Before him, Athanasius believed that violence was justified in weeding out heresies that could damn all future Christians.

5.:The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary says " bugger all, damn all, etc ., coarse slang [ meaning ] absolutely nothing ".

6.Damn all those who deny thee, even until death . " But once both departed from Gonzalo, they then rejoined the royal forces.

7."Damn all the revisionists who ruin good stories, " said Walt Bodine, KCUR-FM talk-show host and dean of Kansas City broadcasters.

8.Yasser Arafat stands accused by Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, of having done " damn all " to fight terrorism in the Palestinian areas he controls.

9.At that, some of the Highlanders started forward for a counter-charge, but Sir Colin stopped them with a cry of " 93rd, damn all that eagerness !"

10.A diplomat in Honduras talks of a natural disaster of " catastrophic proportions, " about which the government, he says, is doing " damn all ."

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