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English-Hindi > damp air

damp air meaning in Hindi

damp air sentence in Hindi

आर्द्र वायु
damp    आर्द्रता शराब
air    वायुमंडल
1.Gusts of cool, damp air made club selection difficult in the morning.

2.From May to July damp air blows landward bringing a cold foggy drizzle.

3.Clouds will increase in northern Washington as onshore winds draw damp air inland.

4.Open windows for cross-ventilation to get that damp air moving out.

5.Fungi spread by the action of cold damp air currents.

6.The damp air is fragrant with the camphor-like scent of quintillions of crushed leaves.

7.Most fogs form when damp air is cooled to saturation.

8.The wrestling room was hot and the damp air smelled like 4, 000 old sweat socks.

9.As the damp air is lifted and chilled, locally heavy snow will occur in the Cascades.

10.Otherwise, the interior Southeast will have periods of rain and drizzle in the mild, damp air.

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