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damozel meaning in Hindi

damozel sentence in Hindi
1.Or, as a " dissembling damozel of distortion "?

2.He believes he has met a damozel in distress when he sees the distraught Mrs Merrythought.

3.The poem describes the damozel observing her lover from heaven, and her unfulfilled yearning for their reunion in heaven.

4.In 1871, Graham commissioned the " The Blessed Damozel " ( 1871 ) from Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

5.By age 16, Whitaker was a " free-spirited artist . " Piedmont Bohemian George Sterling called her " the Blessed Damozel ."

6.Mollie Hardwick ( author of " Upstairs, Downstairs " ) wrote a mystery novel entitled " The Dreaming Damozel " in 1990.

7.While on The Little Damozel " and " Kindling ", then again toured with revivals before retiring in September 1920 to start a family.

8.Rossetti's own poem, " The Blessed Damozel ", was an imitation of Keats, and he believed Hunt might share his artistic and literary ideals.

9.The San Antonio Museum of Art is home to two of her works, " Blessed Damozel " and " Fountain Figure of a Water Nymph ."

10.Dante Gabriel Rossetti wrote several, including " Jenny " and " The Blessed Damozel "; Christina Rossetti wrote a number, including " The Convent Threshold ."

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