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English-Hindi > dander

dander meaning in Hindi

dander sentence in Hindi
1.Allergists say that ( microscopic ) cat dander is the culprit.

2.Michael Moretsky is pocketing $ 405 just for breathing cat dander.

3.Precisely the kind of talk that raises Diery's dander.

4.And nobody could get her dander up like the Bulldog.

5.The dander will be diluted by the air brought into the house.

6.Aguiar also suggests regularly washing cats, whose dander is particularly allergenic.

7.I appreciate the fact that they get their dander up.

8.Dander, dead skin flakes from humans, is the major component.

9.More recently, their dander was stoked by the spy plane incident.

10.Nothing wrong with Carter getting his dander up a bit.

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a feeling of anger and animosity; "having one''s hackles or dander up"
Synonyms: hackles,

small scales from animal skins or hair or bird feathers that can cause allergic reactions in some people

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