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English-Hindi > dawdle

dawdle meaning in Hindi

dawdle sentence in Hindi
• समय गँवाना
• समय नष्ट करना
1.Barbara Bush never was one to dawdle over decision-making.

2.But why keep dawdling when so much about baseball is uncertain?

3.With Magic, the Lakers don't dawdle on defense.

4.When the politicians dawdle, the terrorists torture the kidnapped coach.

5.The Phillies have been a dawdling operation these last few seasons.

6.Fussy eaters are often slow eaters who dawdle over their plates.

7."There's no time for dawdling ."

8.The first dawdles indeterminately, leaving the listener to grope for direction.

9.Do not panic and rush into something, but do not dawdle.

10.But batters unnecessarily dawdle before re-entering the box.

hang (back) or fall (behind) in movement, progress, development, etc.
Synonyms: lag, fall back, fall behind,

waste time; "Get busy--don''t dally!"
Synonyms: dally,

take one''s time; proceed slowly
Synonyms: linger,

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