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English-Hindi > deadening effect

deadening effect meaning in Hindi

deadening effect sentence in Hindi
शामक प्रभाव
deadening    नीरस
effect    परिणाम प्रभात
1.But their achievement has not had the usual deadening effect.

2.With what's left over, you can buy a pillow to correct the deadening effect of the Knitting Factory's chairs.

3.Too much takes place in the shadows, which has a noticeably deadening effect on the audience's enthusiasm for the story.

4.But Franzen, for all his self-pity, is a critic who sees the deadening effects of mass culture with piercing clarity.

5.On the streets of Gaza, the deadening effects of the closing are apparent, and shopkeepers are impatient for the ban to be lifted.

6.But that drop had been largely attributed to the deadening effect of the terror attack, which shut down business and tourism in much of Manhattan.

7.An entertaining film, if no masterwork, " The Stepford Wives " has entered the language as a catch phrase for the deadening effects of life in suburbia.

8.In a bizarre commune / radical therapy workshop, middle class rebel wannabes attempt to break through the soul deadening effects of modern society by pretending to be retarded.

9.Here and there, late-19th-century restorers forfeited the original perfection of the panels; details were flattened or scraped off, and at least one panel was completely remade, with deadening effect.

10.While only time will heal the libido-deadening effect of a houseful of screaming youngsters, a new testosterone patch is just months from becoming the first federally approved product to treat low desire in menopausal women.

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