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English-Hindi > deadfall

deadfall meaning in Hindi

deadfall sentence in Hindi
1.Charles notices a deadfall, while Bob rushes into the cabin.

2.Men used deadfall traps to capture larger animals such as deer.

3.It dashed madly across a deadfall and disappeared into the root ball.

4.I was thinking we could make a deadfall trap.

5.Its open jaws display teeth of ash, oak and other deadfall logs.

6.A day earlier, patrols found four cases of mortar ammunition hidden beneath deadfall.

7.The episode aired on 15 November 2014, and was called " Deadfall ".

8.Debris and deadfall from burned trees are common in many of the meadow areas.

9.Chris and I stood ready on either side as Ralph walked slowly to the deadfall.

10.Charles manages to lure Bob into a position causing him to fall into a deadfall.

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