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English-Hindi > deadweight

deadweight meaning in Hindi

deadweight sentence in Hindi

• कुल भार
1.These are deadweight losses and decrease a monopolist's profits.

2.She was electrically welded, and had a deadweight tonnage of.

3.Their size is measured in deadweight metric tons ( DWT ).

4.She had a deadweight tonnage of and a storage capacity of.

5.The deadweight loss can then be interpreted as the minimum lump sum.

6.It would have an estimated deadweight of circa 220, 000 tons.

7.With the status quo income tax, deadweight loss exists.

8.Cargo capacity was for with loaded displacement of and cargo deadweight of.

9.Most taxes including income tax and sales tax can have significant deadweight costs.

10.In terms of deadweight tonnage, the combined fleet has a capacity of.

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