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English-Hindi > defaulter

defaulter meaning in Hindi

defaulter sentence in Hindi
1.Defaulters can get their wages garnisheed or their tax refunds confiscated.

2.The defaulters " do not affect our business,"

3.Hammond's power supply explodes, which kills the Defaulter.

4.However, that does not absolve the defaulter from the crime.

5.Defaulters had 30 days to make good on the loans.

6.Oil and electric companies are among the largest tax defaulters.

7.He said City Hall could fine defaulters up to RM2, 000.

8.Foundation to act against study loan defaulters, NEW STRAITS TIMES

9.Kit Siang : Expose Sime Bank loan defaulters, NEW STRAITS TIMES-

10.IWK : Defaulters to face legal action, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT

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a contestant who forfeits a match

someone who fails to meet a financial obligation
Synonyms: deadbeat,

someone who fails to make a required appearance in court

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