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English-Hindi > defence installation

defence installation meaning in Hindi

defence installation sentence in Hindi

रक्षा संस्थापन
defence    उत्तर प्रतिपक्ष
installation    अधिष्ठापन अभिषेक
1.The flooding led to further defence installations during the 1980s.

2.They were also used for fire control at fixed coastal defence installations.

3.Fixed coastal defence installations were constructed on Mount Marlow at Pallarenda and on Magnetic Island.

4.The fort was notable for both its effectiveness as a defence installation and for its architecture.

5.CIA maps and data available on the net don't usually identify sensitive locations, including defence installations.

6.CFB Comox is the primary air defence installation on Canada's rotary-wing search and rescue ( SAR ) aircraft.

7.Another such defence installation was at "'Dundas Point "'on the northeast side of the island at.

8.The game is set on one such island, called " ARTROCK 6 " which is a completely automated defence installation.

9."' Fort Perch Rock "'is a former defence installation situated at the mouth of Liverpool Bay in New Brighton.

10."' Stony Batter "'is a historic defence installation at the northeastern end of Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.

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