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English-Hindi > defence production

defence production meaning in Hindi

defence production sentence in Hindi

रक्षा उत्पादन
रक्षा उत्पादन महानियंत्रक
defence    उत्तर प्रतिपक्ष
production    उत्पाद उत्पादन
1.Nawabzada has also served as Interim Federal Minister for Defence Production.

2.Dehradun is also known for being a centre for national defence production.

3.From 1958 to 1963, he was the Minister of Defence Production.

4.In June 2013, he was appointed as the Minister for Defence Production.

5.Presently the organization is working under Ministry of Defence Production, Government of Pakistan.

6.Between August 1957 and April 1958, Knott headed the Department of Defence Production.

7.IOFS and IOFHS are the only two civil services under the Department of Defence Production.

8.The MAGs act as a link between the Army and industries engaged in Defence production.

9.In March 1955, St . Laurent tabled legislation to make the Department of Defence Production permanent.

10.The current Defence Production Secretary is Lt Gen Tanvir Tahir HI ( M ) ( Retd ).

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