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defencelessness sentence in Hindi

"defencelessness" meaning in Hindi
  • In particular the defencelessness of Allied reconnaissance types was exposed.
  • This incident demonstrated the defencelessness of shipping in Tellicherry anchorage.
  • The sack of the Fourth Crusade, which shattered the foundations of the Byzantine state, was due in large part to the absolute defencelessness of the Empire at sea.
  • British aircraft caused a feeling of defencelessness among German troops and deprived them of the support of the " Fliegertruppen ", leaving them dependent on wasteful unobserved area artillery-fire, while being vulnerable to British aircrew seeing muzzle-flashes giving away battery positions.
  • According to Williams's biographer, Jim McVeigh, " because of its defencelessness this enclave saw some of the most awful atrocities of the period, the most infamous occurring in February 1922 when loyalists threw a bomb into a group of Catholic children playing in Weaver Street, killing a number of them and grievously injuring many more.
  • Akita and P�ndi then began to record studio albums collaborating with additional musicians, " Cuts " ( 2013 ) with the Swedish saxophone player Mats Gustafsson, " Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper " ( 2015 ) with Gustafsson and Thurston Moore, and " An Untroublesome Defencelessness " with Keiji Haino ( 2016 ), all released by RareNoiseRecords.
  • His first publication on the subject which appeared in Jewish Education in 1968 was " Teaching the Violence of the Holocaust : A Challenge to Educating Potential Future Oppressors and Victims for Nonviolence . " He once wrote, " . . . Genocide in the generic sense means the mass killing of substantial numbers of human beings, when not in the course of military action against the military forces of an avowed enemy, under conditions of the essential defencelessness of the victim . . ."
  • A document dated from December 14, 1956, written and signed by Ans?and forwarded by Negr�n's son expressed " the deep preoccupation [ of Negr�n ] for the interests of Spain against those of the USSR " and his fear of " the defencelessness to which Spain was being reduced by being deprived of all justificatory documentation of its rights, in a forced transaction, proceeding, perhaps, from the most vast and important operation carried out by two countries . " After enumerating other various issues that " weighed down the spirit of Mr . Negr�n ", among them the Soviet retention of " important and numerous units of the Spanish merchant fleet ", according to Ans? Negr�n held that " in a subsequent account liquidation between Spain and the USSR, his duty as a Spaniard obliged him to an unconditional support of the interest of the nation ."

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