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English-Hindi > defendent

defendent meaning in Hindi

defendent sentence in Hindi
1.Older cases have docket, plantiff, defendent and summary information.

2.The filing also focused new attention on Dow Chemical as a defendent.

3.Some of the counts named more than one defendent.

4.In the meantime, the defendent remains in custody.

5.It would be wrong to use his defendent as a guinea pig, the lawyer said.

6.Crivelli said the fame of the defendent and his political interests merited that cameras be present.

7.The defendent is barely notable himself and there is no significant issue of law at stake ."

8.According to Frank Castiglione, the defendent, " I bought the tickets with my own money.

9.We are being denied the opportunity to confront and cross-examine this key witness against the defendent,

10._The government's seizure of a criminal defendent's assets does not constitute double jeopardy.

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