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English-Hindi > degreased

degreased meaning in Hindi

degreased sentence in Hindi
1.The chemical was used to degrease metals at the Wakicho plant.

2.Strain the juices, degrease and serve with the ham.

3.No sooner have the breakfast dishes been degreased than lunch will begin.

4.Carefully degrease the pan juices and return them to the baking dish.

5.Patience here : you must polish & perfectly degrease the surface first.

6.Degrease pan drippings, retaining all juice and sediment.

7.Strain, return to saucepan, degrease and season with salt and pepper.

8.One application is rust removal and degreasing of machinery.

9.The surface fats are removed by degreasing and then the roux is added.

10.Do not touch surface to be glued after degreasing.

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